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Phuket Holiday Villa - Terms and Conditions


All bookings through Phuket Holiday Villa are made subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated below.


Provisional Confirmation of Availability and Rates

Upon receipt of a request confirmation of availability, the applicable Villa rate and the amount of deposit required will be advised.

Bookings are on a 'first-come, first-served' basis and are for a minimum of three (3) nights, to the exception of certain periods and unless otherwise specified in the confirmation of availability.

Phuket Holiday Villa reserves the right to decline a booking without giving any reason.

Exclusions & Additional Charges
Rates do not include baggage handling, gratuities, telephone charges, car rental, food, soft drinks and/or liquor, personal items and expenses due to any other third parties, and any excessive cleaning required upon departure (such as upholstery or rug shampooing, etc) or replacement of breakage's.

Fair wear and tear accepted.

Initial Deposit
An initial deposit of 50% of the Villa rental is required to confirm a booking. For bookings made within 30 days of arrival full payment is required at the time of reservation.

Before the booking is confirmed and a contract comes into existence, Phuket Holiday Villa reserves the right to increase or decrease the agreed prices. No contract will exist between/with Phuket Holiday Villa until receipt of funds.

If funds are not received within 5 banking days the reservation shall be deemed to have been cancelled and Phuket Holiday Villa reserves the right to allocate the Villa to another client.

Balance Payment
Payment of the outstanding balance must be received at least 30 days before the arrival date. Should Phuket Holiday Villa not receive the balance by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, and cancellation charges will apply.


Villa rates quoted are on a per day basis and quoted in Thai Baht (THB). Rates quoted allow for maximum occupancy of 4guests. Only those persons stipulated on the booking form may reside at the property as guests. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes. Rates include the services of the villa manager (ess) to meet and greet guests and to assist with any questions guests may have during their stay.

The cost of electricity, water, cleaning, gardening and pool maintenance, local taxes and so on are included in the rental rate. The villa is fully equipped with linen, crockery, utensils and an initial supply of soap and toiletries.


You may cancel your reservation at any time by notifying us in writing by email. The following cancellation terms apply: more than 30 days prior to arrival: forfeit of the deposit; less than 30 days prior to arrival: forfeit total cost. If it becomes necessary to cancel all or any part of the booking, you must notify us by email. The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received and all refunds will be transferred minus any bank transfer charges. The above cancellation charges also apply if Phuket Holiday Villa cancels the booking due to non-payment of the balance. 


A 1,000 THB administration fee will be charged by Phuket Holiday Villa for any change to the booking after a confirmation has been issued. The cancellation policy will take precedence if the amended dates requested are during a booked period by other guests.


Though it is unlikely that Phuket Holiday Villa will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, it does occasionally happen, and we will advise you at the earliest possible date. If, for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to provide you with the Villa booked, Phuket Holiday Villa shall reserve the right to cancel the reservation. For example, but not inclusive, if the property is damaged or rendered unusable Phuket Holiday Villa will endeavour to locate an alternative property for the period required but no guarantee is given that this can be done. However, if this is not possible, or you do not wish to be transferred, Phuket Holiday Villa will cancel the booking and refund in full, less any bank transfer charges, the amount paid to Phuket Holiday Villa. Phuket Holiday Villa shall not be liable for any further obligations or claims by the client.


Guests should assume that the Check in Time is 2:00pm and Check Out time is 12:00 noon, unless otherwise specified or agreed. If available, Phuket Holiday Villa will try to accommodate guests based on flight arrival/departure times.

The Client is responsible for informing the correct arrival details (flight number) whenever an airport transfer is part of the Phuket Holiday Villa service.


Only those persons stipulated on the booking form may reside at the property as guests. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes. The number of people staying at the property, including children, must not exceed the maximum capacity indicated in the property description or elsewhere, except in the case of infants (under two years old), or unless specifically authorized.

Should Phuket Holiday Villa or the owner find that the number of people staying at the property exceeds that on the booking form or the maximum capacity of the villa, they may, at the absolute discretion of Phuket Holiday Villa, ask the extra person or persons to either pay the applicable additional charge or to vacate the property forthwith. No camping is permitted in the property grounds.

Phuket Holiday Villa regrets that no pets are allowed on the entire property.

In case a party is to be organized within the property for a number of guests in excess of 2 times the maximum occupancy of the villa, a surcharge of 10,000 THB will apply. In addition a guarantee deposit of 20,000 THB will be collected on site and from which a cleaning surcharge of up to 5,000 THB plus any damages will be deducted before refunded to the guests.


A security deposit may be payable to Phuket Holiday Villa with the payment of the balance. This is to cover the cost of any damage or breakage's during the rental period of the Villa or its contents. It may also be used to cover the cost of the use of telephones and other services.

This amount will be returned to you at the time of departure, less any such costs.


It is a condition of the booking that the entire party is covered by comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flight delays, loss and damage to baggage and other property) and health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage).
By acceptance of this contract it is assumed by Phuket Holiday Villa that this requirement has and will be complied with in full.


Under no circumstances shall Phuket Holiday Villa  or the owner be responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claim or injury either directly or indirectly, consequential or otherwise whatsoever, caused or incurred, whether arising in contract or otherwise in law or equity as a result of rendering of the services or accommodation as described or substituted, or by reason of military action, revolution or acts of God, or by any agents, employees, subcontractors, servants or third parties whatsoever supplying any of the services or accommodation herein or as substituted.

If any accommodation and/or services are substituted, Phuket Holiday Villa will act at all times in good faith and use its best efforts to substitute with accommodations and/or services of a type comparable to or better than those originally contracted. Phuket Holiday Villa, at its sole and unfettered discretion, reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any person (s) and/or to rescind any contract for accommodations or guest services.


Should emergency repairs need to be made while guests are booked into Phuket Holiday Villa we will endeavour not to disturb or inconvenience guests and will supervise contractors while the repairs are carried out.


Phuket Holiday Villa accepts no responsibility for any modifications made which are not mentioned on the website or anywhere else. Phuket Holiday Villa can not be held liable for the breakdown of the supply of water, or electricity, nor of swimming pool filtration systems, though we will use our best endeavours to arrange for any such problems to be solved quickly.

Any complaints must be notified to Phuket Holiday Villa within 24 hours of the occurrence giving rise to the complaint, and must then be notified in writing to Phuket Holiday Villa before departure. Should a problem that has been notified remain unsolved please make a complaint in writing to Phuket Holiday Villa within 14 days of the completion of the rental period. If the Villa is vacated before the end of the rental period without mutual agreement this may result in the loss of all rights to compensation.

No complaint will be considered if made after the departure date or if not acknowledged by Phuket Holiday Villa, the owner or villa Manager (ess).


Linen and towels are provided at the Villa. These are normally changed every three (3) days. If you require more frequent changes there may be extra charges. Limited laundry facilities exist on site and charges are made per item. Outside services are also available for a small service charge and must be paid at the time incurred or at latest the time of departure.


Guests are to be mindful and respectful of neighbouring owners/guests in relation to noise levels and neighbourly common courtesy.

The person paying the deposit for the villa rental is responsible for the correct and appropriate behaviour of the guests staying at the Villa. Should any member of the party behave in a manner considered inappropriate, Phuket Holiday Villa or the owner may at their absolute discretion ask the offending guest or guests to vacate the Villa forthwith. In such a case, this will be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and no refund can be claimed from either Phuket Holiday Villa or the villa owner.


A personal safe is provided in the villa with 24 hour Estate guarded security. It is strongly recommended that the safe is used to store items such as passports, cash, traveller's cheques & Jewellery etc.

Any valuables left at the property are the guest’s sole responsibility. Neither Phuket Holiday Villa nor the owner nor the staff can be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.

The person paying for the villa rental will be responsible for securing and locking the premises when leaving the villa unattended, so as to secure the villas contents.


As part of this agreement guests are required to take due care when residing at the villa and be especially watchful of children within the villa and Estate, around the swimming pool, near the entrance from the main road, near the lagoons and in the garden areas.

Furthermore guests are not permitted to enter the Villa when wet from swimming as the floors can be slippery. Damage or injury arising as a result shall not be the responsibility of Phuket Holiday Villa or the Villa owner in any way whatsoever. Handling of furniture, crockery and other artefacts shall be done with maximum care.


These conditions and any contract to which they apply are governed in all respects by the applicable Thai law and the Thai courts only shall have jurisdiction in relation to any claim or dispute arising out of, or connected with them.


I/We agree to the above conditions and do hereby agree to the application of the above Terms and Conditions to our reservation.


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